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Who Is Paul Sam Sylvester

Craftsman, Mechanic, Artist, Gunsmith

I am a lite industrial equipment mechanic by trade and have been tinkering with firearms now for over 20yrs.  I have decided to pursue my passion of making firearms work better.

I’ve done many trades throughout my lifetime.  But there are a few I will mention here that have led to me opening up my own gunsmithing business.

In 2002 I decided to pursue my passion for woodworking.  I purchased all my equipment with what little funds I had and read every book I could get my hands on.  I started putting what I was learning into practice.  I decided on creating wooden bandsawn boxes to sell at craft and art shows.  I got pretty good at it, started my own website, “Waves In Wood”, and traveled all over to sell them.

After a couple of years doing this I needed something more stable and hired on with a power tool repair facility.  I had been repairing my own equipment because I have always been the type of person who is not afraid to take something apart to not only see why it is broken but to understand how it works in the first place.  I got very proficient at diagnosing electrical and pneumatic power tool issues.  I learned many techniques that have crossed over into the firearms industry.

In pursuing my passion for ammo, bows and firearms I decided to study about the tools and techniques used to provide my own repairs and upgrades to my own firearms.  After a while of doing this I was getting friends and family asking if I could help them with their projects.  I enrolled in a school that taught me the proper techniques many of which carried over from my previous repair experience.  I am constantly learning new processes and techniques to further my business.

Navigating the process of becoming an FFL and licensed, Sylvester Ammunition was probably the hardest thing to getting my business up and running.  It was well worth it because I meet some great people here in our community and provide a well needed service to them.

So if you are in the need of ammo, or maybe looking to get the best gun or bow for your hunt and others,  keep me in mind.


Paul Sylvester

About US

Sylvester Ammunition launched online in 2019 after a couple guys tried to order ammo on the internet. Weeks after placing their order, they still hadn’t received any ammo. Meanwhile, their credit card was charged, their money was being held hostage, and the customer service department was unresponsive. Unfortunately, this was a common problem. Backorders were the law of the land as guns went hungry and shooters grew frustrated.

So, Sylvester Ammunition was born. We made a pretty big impression early on as one of the first online ammo shop to feature a live inventory system. Since the beginning, we’ve insisted on a live inventory tracker on each product page that shows you exactly how many units of that product we have in stock. When we run out, the number reaches zero and the page is automatically hidden until we get more. So, if you see it on our website, you know we have it in-stock at our warehouse in Florida. No delays. No backorders. No drop-shipping.

We’ve grown a little since those early days and we’ve made lots of improvements to our operation based on the principle of giving our customers the best online shopping experience possible.


Our mission of putting the customer first doesn’t end after we ship the package. Over the last several years, we have built a library of resources to help shooters advance their knowledge and shooting performance.

You might have heard about our epic ballistic gelatin project(On hold due to COVID 19) with over 200 loads tested or our 40,000-round brass versus steel case ammo test on Sylvester Ammunition. Or maybe you’ve run across one of our shooting drill videos, gun reviews, or our series about home-defense shotguns on Sylvester Ammunition

Our commitment to providing reliable shooting advice for regular people is just one more way we try to offer customers the best experience possible.

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